The Benefits

Why you may need a mentor

Our vision is for a resilient voluntary sector in Berkshire led by confident leaders with a clear strategic purpose.

Charity leaders are busy people with no time to waste. A mentor can help you find the best way to use your precious time as well as to find the best way forward for your organisation. It makes sense for you as well as for your organisation.

Managing daily operational and financial issues allows little time to step back and think how to secure your organisation’s future. Working with a mentor helps release your time to look beyond service delivery and focus on how to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead. The benefits you can  derive from mentoring feed into better targeted and more effective fundraising, better management and delivery of services and more focused and confident management. This helps to enable the charity you represent to thrive.

The benefits

The benefits from the mentoring projects that we have worked on to date include:

  • Decisions about the future development and direction of the organisation.
  • Decisions concerning organisational structure and staffing.
  • Exploring how an organisation might move to the “next step” in terms of growth and sustainability.
  • Positioning and purpose of an organisation to enable strategic focus and better funding applications.
  • Support with strategic plans given changes in the funding environment.
  • Working with trustees more effectively or using volunteers more effectively.
  • Being new in role as a manager or CEO. Helping to think about change and focus.
  • Governance issues.
  • Marketing Issues
  • Team building and support.

And this is a free service.

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