Work with a mentor

Work with a charity mentor

Since Charity Mentors began in 2019 we have worked on a number of mentoring projects with the not-for-profit sector in Berkshire.

Our mentoring is short- term (usually 4 to 5 months duration), strategic (all projects involve challenges at the strategic level) and specific (we set clear goals with the mentee so that we can work towards pre-agreed outcomes). We work with not-for-profits of different sizes (from very small to medium/large enterprises) and with leaders from many different backgrounds, with a wide range of experience and confidence.

Who we work with

We work with anyone involved at the strategic level of an organisation including chairs, trustees, managers and directors but we always seek permission from trustees before becoming involved.

Please note, our service is only available for organisations based in Berkshire.


Examples of issues mentors have worked with

  • Decisions about the future development and direction of the organisation.
  • Decisions concerning organisational structure and staffing.
  • Exploring how an organisation might move to the “next step” in terms of growth and sustainability.
  • Positioning and purpose of an organisation to enable strategic focus and better funding applications.
  • Support with strategic plans given changes in the funding environment.
  • Working with trustees more effectively or using volunteers more effectively.
  • Being new in role as a manager or CEO. Helping to think about change and focus.
  • Governance issues.
  • Marketing Issues
  • Team building and support.
  • In response to requests from charity leaders, we now offer a joint mentoring service for Chairs and CEOs together. This mentoring is specifically aimed at working together on the organisational strategy: Clarifying roles, processes and content generation. We think it might be particularly useful with the arrival of a new chair or new CEO. It provides an opportunity to openly discuss and clarify roles and boundaries at the beginning of this vital relationship and helps to set expectations and a sound working relationship for the future.

How the process works


Contact Charity Mentors and arrange a telephone conversation with the coordinator to establish whether your project is suitable and, if so, outline what your objectives might be.


If you are the CEO/manager of the organisation, we ask that you share the fact that you are thinking of working with us with your trustees/board. If you are a trustee/chair, share with your fellow trustees. It makes sense in an organisation with collective responsibility that everyone is aware of support at a strategic level. We ask your permission to contact your chair, or other trustees, to explain our role. We need email confirmation from them that they are on-board before we move forward.


We will then help you find the best mentor for your needs so that you can arrange a meeting. The aim of this first meeting is for you and the mentor to decide if you would like to work together on a project and to clarify your goals. You are not committed to working with Charity Mentors until after you have had this meeting.


If you both feel that you can work together productively, you then have a period of around 4-months in which to complete the mentoring project. This might entail just a couple more meetings, or five or six. The whole project is designed around you, your organisation and your needs. The important thing is that you use your mentor whilst you have them!


At the end of the project we ask you to complete a feedback form and we arrange to check-back with you after a period of around 6-months.


The service is free-of-charge and completely confidential between yourself and Charity Mentors although we do ask if you would help us to spread the word and, at a minimum, you summarise the project outcomes to report back to trustees.